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Why You Should Use One Two Lashes

Beauty hacks have for a long time been used to cut down on costs, time and effort when trying to look flawless. Many times a lady would find herself wondering how another woman can perfectly draw her eye lines while she’s been trying for months, but her’s just keep on coming out crooked. You should know that these ladies have insane beauty hacks up their sleeves and unless they are friendly enough you will never know what the secret is. One of the biggest hacks currently is the One Two Lash. You may have seen some beauty queens with thick and luxurious eye lashes and asked yourself how in the world they have achieved that. Well, let me let you into a secret that is Magnetic One Two Lashes. Yes, you heard that right, Magnetic! These new eye lashes will stick onto your natural lashes giving you the sharp appearance that every fashionista wants. This new product has moved on from the glue and sticky false eye lashes that have become too mainstream and basic out there.

As a beauty queen, you deserve something new, unique and luxurious to compliment your look and this is what One Two Cosmetics are offering you. The eye lashes come in a sleek case packed with not one but two sets of the One Two Lashes and a wash cleanser. This means that you can wear one pair and carry around the other that you can also use anytime. This has hence gotten rid of the problem where most women avoided washing their faces in the middle of the day because it would interfere with their eye lashes. The extra lash provides you with a reliable back up plan in case of anything. The wash cleanser meanwhile, is designed to remove any dust or makeup remnants from the eye lashes. It leaves them sparkling clean without harming the micro magnets within the lashes.

Applying the One Two Lashes

The fact that these eye lashes have been developed using micro-magnetic technology may sound sophisticated and too complicated to use. This is however wrong. The technology has only made them easier and more attractive while keeping the mounting process as simple as possible. Applying these eye lashes involves the following three easy steps:

  1. Pick the top eye lash from their packaging case and hold it using the tips of your thumb and index finger. Mount this lash on top of your natural lash line such that the edges of your natural eye lashes are in line with the One Two Lash edges.
  2. Let the eye lash rest there while you pick the bottom eye lash. To distinguish the top lash from the lower eye lash, One Two Cosmetics designed the bottom lash with a red dot.
  3. Finally, look ahead and mount the bottom lash beneath your top lash. Once the lower lash is there the two One Two lash will now come together thanks to the magnetic technology and align with your natural lashes in the middle.

Removing the Lashes

This process is just as simple. You gently slide the lashes apart using your thumb and forefinger.

Other beauty hacks that you probably don’t know about

  1. Using powder to cover your thinning hair – A lot of women find themselves limited from having daring hairstyles such as pigtails and braids due to thinning hair. What if I told you there’s a way you can cover your hair and enjoy these hairstyles without anyone knowing? All you have to do is to apply eye shadow resembling your hair to hide your scalp where it’s exposed. This hack is used by many women, and you have probably never noticed it because it’s that magical!
  2. Using Bobby Pins – You might have used bobby pins before, but you usually find them ineffective because they don’t hold your hair for long enough. This is a problem experienced by many. The best way to tackle this is through using the Bobby pins in reverse. The pins work better when the top is used as the bottom with the wavy side facing downward. Go ahead and try it today.
  3. Drawing the Perfect Cat Eye – Getting the cat eye line is thought to be a privilege enjoyed by the few queens gifted with ultra-steady hands. This is not the case. You can use a spoon’s edges to get a sharp and accurate line by aligning its handle with your bottom eye lash line. Now apply your eyeliner following the line upwards to meet the tip of your natural eyebrow. After that place the spoon facing downwards while aligned to the top lash line heading towards the upper eyelid. Use the eye liner and draw until it touches the bottom line. After this, all you have to do is to fill the spaces between, and you’re ready to go!


With One Two lashes, you no longer have to spend hours in the salon on the queue and to pay hundreds of dollars just to have some eye lashes that won’t last for long. Neither do you have to deal with adhesive, glue and other eye lash tools that consume your vital time. One Two eye lashes give you a unique and long-lasting appearance that boosts not just your appearance but your self-esteem as a whole.