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Why is my pregnant belly so itchy?

After the first trimester of pregnancy, your skin will really start expanding. When skin expands and stretches, it gets itchy. And it likely won’t just be your belly that is expanding – your breasts, butt, legs, and other parts of your body may be expanding too.

Stretching skin needs extra moisture

While your skin is expanding during pregnancy, it is often moisture-deprived. And during the excessive heat of summer or the extreme cold of winter, it’s even more likely that you’ll suffer from itchy skin.

What can you do to stop the itch?

  • Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize. An all-natural moisturizer, such as Robelyn Labs’ Belly & Body Butter, can help relieve the itch – on your belly or anywhere else your skin needs extra moisture.
  • No scratching. While the itch may often be maddening, scratching may only irritate it and make it worse. Don’t scratch if you can avoid it.
  • Anti-itch cream. An anti-itch cream can go a long way to relieving that itchy belly. But before you use any kind of cream with a steroid (cortisone cream, etc.), check with your doctor.
  • Avoid irritants. Your pregnant skin is more sensitive that it was pre-pregnancy. Avoiding excessive perfumes and detergents can go a long way to keeping skin itch-free.

Keep in mind that, if you develop an itchy rash during pregnancy, or have an itch that seems unrelated to skin dryness, contact your doctor.