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The Top 10 Posts of 2017



Wow, 2017 you have been quite a year!

This is my 7th year of Hair Romance and I am so grateful that you come here and read my posts, watch my videos and chat with me.

I feel like I’ve been going through a bit of a “seven year itch” with blogging and so I’ve started switching things up a bit to make it more interesting.

I’ve been on camera a lot more (even though it scared me) and I’ve put myself out there with live videos too. I’ve shown you my real, messy hair and confessed how lazy I really am with my beauty routines.

Thankfully you’ve stuck with me, and you seem to really love these changes too.

When I first started Hair Romance, my big goal was to help one woman feel confident in styling her own hair. I was also hoping to see someone I didn’t know wearing one of my hairstyles.

So when I open up Instagram and see DMs of your hairstyles, it makes my heart sing. And I don’t feel like you’re strangers to me anymore, you’re friends.

Here are most popular posts of 2017, as clicked by you.

Let’s start the countdown…

If you love braids, and YouTube, this post is for you. I put together a list of my faves with braids for all occasions.

Check out 17 of the best braid tutorials here

Busting some hair myths that hairdryers are always bad for you hair!

Click here to find out if air drying is damaging your hair

I spent a lot of time travelling this year and I shared my tips for hairstyles that will last a long haul flight.

Check out my top long haul travel hairstyles here

Plex technology is the biggest innovation in hair care in years. I break down the science to explain how and why it helps curly hair.

Find out all you need to know about curly hair and plex technology here

Is one side of your hair more damaged than the other? I think I know why…

Check out this list of 7 weird things that are damaging your hair to find out

This super simple bun tutorial uses a special accessory that I love for long or curly hair.

Check out my easy curly hairstyle tutorial to find out more

I love answering your hair questions and this post has been so popular. I even created a follow up video tutorial with some more tips.

Check out my original tips on how to style the front of your curls

Watch my follow up video tutorial on how to style the front of curly hair

What’s better than a 2 minute hairstyle? A style you can do in 1.5 minutes!

Click here to learn 2 easy hairstyles for curly hair

I need these hairstyles right now! The frizz factor is high in Sydney and these are my go-to hairstyles when the humidity is off the charts.

Check out my 5 quick and easy hairstyles to beat the humidity

And the most popular post of 2017 is…

I think this image is going viral on Pinterest! I share my cheat’s way to fix my curls fast and show you my exact routine.

Find out how to restyle curly hair fast and get mega volume here

Thank you!

I hope you have happy holidays and here’s to a fantastic New Year!

Thank you so much for sharing this space with me online, and I’d love to know what you’d like to see in 2018 xx