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Postpartum Body Issues

You’ve made it through your pregnancy and delivery, and are fully ensconced in “baby bliss.” Those few days with your new baby are amazing – and you don’t even think/care about the exhaustion or the lingering discomfort from the delivery – you’re just happy to finally have your baby in your arms.

After a few days, the “hormone high” starts to wear off. Your baby is still the most amazing thing in the world, but the sleeplessness begins to get to you, and you begin to realize exactly how different your life – and your body! – are since you became a mom.

It takes time to adapt to motherhood

Every woman knows that a baby will change her life. Bu no matter how prepared she is, there will be a time (maybe several times) when she just can’t believe how much baby has changed her. And while every mother adapts differently – and at different times – it’s important to remember that we all do adapt. The sleep deprivation may not go away for a while, but you find way to get through. The house WILL be clean again someday, but right now you do what you can to keep things reasonably organized, and that’s good enough.

What can be a little harder to adapt to is the changes in your body. While no one expects to have their body “spring back” to pre-pregnancy shape immediately, some first-time moms are surprised to see some of the changes that linger long after baby is born.

Body shape changes

Pregnancy does a number on a woman’s body. And while many women lose their pregnancy weight within a few months to a year, it’s likely that the shape of their body has changed. A once-flat tummy may now carry a little “pouch” that never seems to go away. A once-rounded bottom may now be flat. And once-perky breasts have been compared to “deflated balloons” after nursing one or two infants – and even women who haven’t breastfed their babies have seen major changes in the shape of their breasts, simply due to pregnancy.

Stretch marks

A majority of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy. And even some who get to the delivery room thinking they’ve avoided them find out that they get them on their breasts when their milk comes in.
Fortunately, Robelyn Labs has a product to
prevent stretch marks (Elastin3), and a physician-strength product (ElastinMD) to help reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks.


Gaining pregnancy weight, then losing it after delivery can also cause cellulite to appear. Like stretch marks, cellulite is not harmful – but it can make a new mom self conscious.
Cellulite Prevention & Treatment diminishes the appearance of cellulite.

Spider veins

During pregnancy – and even after delivery – circulation can be affected, causing spider veins to appear. Spider veins occur mostly on the legs, but can also show up on the belly, face, or anywhere else on the body.
Robelyn Labs’
VariClear helps strengthen veins that may be weakened due to pregnancy, and diminishes the appearance of spider veins.


Whether you deliver your baby vaginally, or via c-section, you’re almost definitely going to need stitches. And you will have scars – it’s just a matter of “where” those scars will be.

Just remember that the most important thing is your health and the health of your baby. Most of these body changes are simply cosmetic. Some can be changed, and some can not. Focus on the joy of your new baby and taking care of yourself physically and emotionally. You will likely find that these pregnancy body changes are a small price to pay for the smiles and giggles from your little one.