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Instagram Account Encourages You to #Loveyourlines

At Robelyn Labs, we are dedicated to addressing the skin care concerns of women before, during, and after pregnancy. Our products are safe and effective, and many women find that using our skin care products can help them prevent or reduce the appearance of their stretch marks and/or cellulite – and for them, they gain a bit of confidence back by getting rid of these so-called “flaws.”

You can learn to “love your lines”

One of the most important things for a new mother – or a mother-to-be – is to focus on her health. A healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy outlook – all go a long way toward ensuring a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child.

That’s why, even though a large portion of our business is dedicated to helping women avoid or remove stretch marks, we were happy to see this Instagram account created by two moms who are celebrating real bodies, including the marks, lines, and bulges those real bodies often carry. We applaud those women who have submitted their photos and proven that their bodies are nothing to be ashamed of.