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FairPrice Launches Low-GI Pizzas in 6 Asian & Fusion Flavours (Including Tom Yum Chicken & Beef Bulgogi)

Stick to your diet this festive season with FairPrice’s Low GI pizzas and bread.

FairPrice’s Low GI Pizzas were developed in collaboration with Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Applied Science and NTUC Foodfare. Photo:

Christmas is truly the toughest season to stick to a good diet.

Healthy meals are hard to come by, thanks to enticing juicy meats and sweet treats all around.

The solution? Go on a low glycemic index (GI) diet that includes healthier versions of these indulgences, which can be found at FairPrice.

A tool measuring how quickly carbohydrates affect your blood glucose levels, GI ranks carbohydrate-rich foods like bread, pasta and fruits from zero to 100.

While higher GI foods cause blood glucose levels to rise and fall rapidly, lower GI ones are digested and released in a steady manner, working with your body’s metabolism to stabilise blood sugar levels and appetite hormones.

With lower GI foods, risks of stroke, heart attack, blindness, kidney failure and diabetes are reduced, and better heart health and sports performance can be achieved.

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FairPrice’s Low Gi Pizzas.

Eating healthy does not mean only eating salads.

Developed in collaboration with Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Applied Science and NTUC Foodfare, FairPrice’s Low GI Pizzas are guilt-free indulgences.

Packing zero trans-fat and low sodium levels, these pizzas just need 15 minutes in the oven and they can be served.

The thick-crust, six-inch pizzas ($6.95) come in Mexican Chicken, Tuna Miso and Tom Yum Chicken flavours.

The thin-crust, nine-inch ones ($10.95)come in Beef Bulgogi, Ratatouille and Spinach & Mushroom flavours.

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Fairprice’S Low Gi Multigrain Bread 400G.

Velvety in texture and nutty in flavour, FairPrice’s low GI Multigrain Bread 400g ($2.70 a loaf) is a breakfast staple that goes beautifully with FairPrice’s Olive Oil Spread 500g.

Baked with a blend of 12 fine grains and seeds including barley flakes, sunflower seeds and quinoa, the bread is low in sugar and also trans-fat free.

Available at all FairPrice supermarkets, the Low GI Pizzas and Multigrain Bread 400g are halal and carry the Healthier Choice Symbol.

Most importantly, they help prevent you from snacking by making you feel fuller, which is the ultimate Christmas wish come true for anyone on a diet.

A version of this story first appeared on on December 21, 2017, with the headline “Diet-friendly festive indulgences with FairPrice’s Low GI Foods”.

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