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Developing Stretch Marks After the Baby is Born

You did it! You’re on your way to the hospital to delivery your little bundle of joy, Before you left your house, you thought to yourself how lucky you were that you made it through pregnancy without getting stretch marks.

You give birth, and spend the next few days in baby bliss. Then the exhaustion sets in. Then, one morning in the shower, you see them…Stretch marks.

Yep, stretch marks can still happen after you give birth

Unfortunately, making it to the delivery room stretch mark free doesn’t mean that you’ve managed to avoid pregnancy stretch marks completely.

Some women find that they make it through the entire nine months with no stretch marks only to develop them on their breasts when their milk comes in. For some, the pregnancy weight gain is so gradual that the skin is able to stretch slowly and avoid the tearing in the connective tissue that causes stretch marks. But when your milk comes in? Completely different story. You may feel “normal” when you go to bed at night, only to wake up in the morning unable to recognize yourself (or your own breasts).

Other women find that stretch marks appear on their stomachs several days after the baby is born. In these cases, it’s more likely that the new mother had developed stretch marks during pregnancy, but they were very faint, and the stretched skin caused them not to be as visible. But the changes in hormones after giving birth, as well as the previously-stretched skin “loosening” up, can cause stretch marks to appear – almost as if out of nowhere.

Take care of your skin – inside and outside

It’s true that sometimes it’s all but impossible to completely avoid stretch marks. But maintaining a healthy diet and an appropriate activity level – and using Robelyn Labs’ Elastin3 Advanced Stretch Mark Therapy – can go a long way toward helping prevent stretch marks.