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3 of the WORST Ways Fake Eyelashes Harm Your Eyes

Women want long, luxurious eyelashes that can take their look to the next level. And today, you’ll find that expensive lash extension salons are filled with glamour gals ready to fork out hundreds of dollars per session to get those long lashes they’ve seen on the cover of Hollywood celebrity magazines. You know the lashes – the ones that look natural, but are bold enough to make a statement.

With the hefty price tag of glam lashes from so-called eyelash “specialists,” many women turn to at-home types of eyelash extensions. However, regular eyelash extension kits that come with low-quality adhesives that can harm your existing lashes, irritate your skin, and even damage your eyes themselves.

Luckily, there is a new alternative called One Two Lash. Designed by One Two Cosmetics, these lashes magnetically fasten to your existing lashes, to create that lush, bold look that we all want.

If you’re dubious of the dangers of traditional faux lashes, read about a few of the dangers, listed below.

  1. Damage to Healthy Eyes. Researchers have found that damage to healthy eyes is common in those who use cheap, adhesive-style fake eyelashes. In one study, participants who used eyelash extension kits that provided a glue adhesive reported multiple types of ocular disorders, including severe inflammation of the cornea, corneal erosion, broken blood vessels in the eye, dry eye, crusting, and even strong allergic reactions.

In this study, results also revealed that all of these eye problems were caused by mishandling of the lashes, and the adhesive glue included in the kit. This could be due to the fact that low-cost eyelashes can contain any number of toxic chemicals inside the glue or the lashes themselves, including formaldehyde, ester, urethane rubber, and Ethyl-2 Cyanoacrylate.1

A recent report from the American Academy of Ophthalmology also revealed the dangers of lash extension kits that come with glue adhesives. In their report, researchers warned against using these types of low-quality fake eyelashes due to their ability to significantly increase the risk of bacterial, viral, and even fungal infections of the eye.2

  1. Potential Damage to Good Vision. When you are applying fake eyelashes at home you may need to work them into position with the help of metal tools, or your fingertips. In doing so, you may also in all likelihood poke your own eye out – or scratch your corneas, at the very least. When applying the adhesive, or adjusting the fake lashes on your eyelid, it is very common for people to scratch the surface of their eye, or even permanently damage areas by poking sharp objects or fingernails into the eye. Ouch! This type of risky behavior around your delicate eye area is not only unsanitary, it could cause permanent vision damage.
  1. More Eyelash Fall. When you go to a high-end lash salon to see a trained professional, you likely believe you’re in good hands, getting longer, thicker lashes risk-free. That’s not necessarily true. Studies have shown that excessive touching and pulling of hair (including eyelashes) can result in more hair fall over time. So, even if you have a lash specialist apply individual sections of false lashes to your eyelids, it could only be worsening the problem of sparse lash growth.3

Even if you choose not to go to an expensive eyelash specialist, rubbing and pulling while wearing fake eyelashes you’ve put on at home can also cause your natural lashes to break and fall out more often.

Women know that beauty is pain, but getting the luscious lashes that you have always wanted doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg – or your healthy, beautiful eyes. So, skip conventional fake eyelashes – and the expensive trip to the lash salon – and avoid these three major potential problems that can only make already sparse lashes even thinner and more fragile. Instead, try the exclusive mini-magnet technology of One Two Cosmetics’ new line of magnetic eyelash extensions.

Glamorous Looks Are as Easy as One Two Lash

For fashionistas who love, long thick, bold lashes – stop wasting your money on products that can harm your skin, your eye health, and your pocketbook. There is a new way to get the look you want without all of the pain and suffering of high-priced salon eyelash extensions or the low quality of conventional fake eyelashes.

Getting the glamorous look you want is as easy as One Two Lash. Made for everyday wear, and impromptu evenings out on the town, One Two Lashes instantly attach to your eyelids. You can put them on quickly, anywhere, thanks to the convenient One Two Lash Kit. So, there is no need to fumble with sharp objects, glue, or overpriced lash “specialists.” Just get your own One Two Lash magnetic eyelash extension kit, today, and get the lashes you’ve always wanted, in a snap!

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